This is the ministry newsletter of
Randy & Diana Smyth
Pursuing Laborers For The Unreached Harvest

Representatives - Aviation & Mobilization
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We are so glad you are interested in our email news and in joining our prayer team! 
The purpose of this list is to inform, inspire and invite. 

Information is the power to act.  
Inspiration is the vision to act. 

Invitation is the opportunity to act.

God's love is our reason to act. 
God's word shows us where to act.
By faith is how we act.

I believed, and therefore have I spoken. 2 Cor. 4:13

Our ministry work is
to invite more people to be involved, 
multiplying the team, 
so that more unreached language groups of people
are reached with the Gospel. 

Our desire is to glorify God and
declare His glory among tribes and language groups of people
who will have no access
to the truth about Jesus
unless we act to tell them.

As a team
working and praying together
with you 
we can accomplish more together
than any of us can do alone.

A bit of information from you would help us. 
We will protect your privacy and not bombard you with emails.
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